The current version of our app does not support editing of your jet lag plan when your advice has started. We are working on getting it ready for you in a future version.

Editing flight times before the plan starts

Tap the flight icon in the top right hand corner and the 'Edit'.

Editing personal preferences
after creating your jet lag plan

Maybe, you want to change your personal preferences like chronotype, pre-travel adjustment, bedtime, wake up time, use of melatonin or caffeine after having created your jet lag plan? 

It is currently not possible after the jet lag plan has started. Before the plan starts you can edit your preferences and apply them to your plan by tapping the plane icon in the top right hand corner and then 'Edit'. Just submit the plan again without making any other changes and the new settings will be added to your plan.

Possible solution: If you really want to change it anyway after creating a jet lag plan, please let us know on the chat, and we'll always be happy to assist you.

That's it! Have a great timeshift!

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