Getting 6 or 8 hours of sleep on a plane isn't easy. A lucky few sleep through it all, but most of us find it a little difficult to sleep sitting up in a noisy cabin. So what do we do?

First of all: Our plans are robust. They are made knowing that life is not always according to schedule. So just try your best, and you will be ok. Even if you feel you slept very little, keep following the plan, and you will experience great relief.

What to do:

Make sure to prioritize sleep or napping even if the timing on the plane is inconvenient. Lower the window shade, turn off the overhead light, turn off the TV, and stop using your laptop or tablet. We always recommend using a sleep mask and earplugs when sleeping. 

Even if you can't sleep, wear sunglasses and avoid light to increase your chances of falling asleep.

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