Timing of food has no real effect on your circadian shift. 

Therefore we decided to not include it in the first version of the app. We will introduce it later to help people practically eat around the activities as well as not recommending to eat to close to bedtime, since it can interfere with the quality and quantity of your sleep. 

At the same time hunger can keep you from falling asleep and staying asleep. So it's about making sure you actually eat to not feel hungry. 😊

My plan tells me to eat immediately after boarding?

Try to eat before you sleep by eating in the airport or or buy something in the airport to bring on the plane. Most crews offer a way to refrigerate your food, if you brought it yourself. I know it's not ideal, since you might want warm food, but this is the best you can do. 

And remember to inform the crew to not disturb you while sleeping. Some crews are even flexible enough to bring your food earlier/later, to avoid you from getting woken up. 

Enjoy your timeshift 😊

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