How come I can't go to bed earlier than 10pm or get up later than 11am?

We are aware that people in their sixties+ and teenagers have a slightly different sleep pattern. On average the younger you are, the more sleep you need. And the older you get, the less sleep is actually needed for a healthy sleep pattern. We are currently working on accommodating a wider range of sleepers, and will soon be releasing a new version that widens that range. We can't wait to give you that.

Solution until then: If your bedtime or wake time is an hour off what's possible in our app, don't worry. The jet lag plan will still help you timeshift a lot faster than usual. Just wake up that hour earlier or later and then otherwise try to follow the advice as much as you can. 

How come I can't go to bed late and get up early?

In our first version of our app we have decided to limit the range for our "Normal sleep pattern" to promote healthy sleep, only allowing a minimum sleep duration of 7 hours. At the same time we know that this is just wishful thinking - we know that real life often dictates a different lifestyle, and we totally respect that. We all live busy lives and want to get every last drop of it. In a future version of the app, we will try to meet that reality even better. Stay tuned. 

How come you don't support 15 minute and 30 minute intervals for bedtime and wake up time?

We know that some of you will have a great habit of getting up at a more specific time every morning. And even get to bed at a very specific time at night. We will include that fluid flexibility in a future version of our app. Stay tuned.

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