As melatonin will always be taken in connection with sleep, the melatonin pill (dot) is shown as part of the sleep track and will look like this:

If the melatonin pill (dot) is not shown on your sleep session it means that this particular session does not require the use of melatonin. Not all sleep sessions or even entire timeshifts require melatonin.

Read our small guide about melatonin, which will give you information about dosage, type of melatonin, etc.:

Our app only works if you start timeshifting before your first departure. We make an assumption of where your circadian clock's reference point (x-point) is based on your normal sleep pattern and the chronotype you have entered. And then based on that x point we calculate recommendations for exactly when to see light, avoid light, sleep, etc. 

Since you already departed, we don't know what happened since your reference point. We don't know how and when you have been exposed to light, how you have slept, etc. Those activities have huge influence on your circadian clock. It can go in both directions. Either you have shifted towards or away from your destination time zone. We therefore don't know where you x-point is anymore. And can therefore not provide you with valid recommendations.

Sorry for the long explanation. I just thought it was good for you to know why it doesn't make a lot of sense to start a jet lag plan in the middle of your travel plan.

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